Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Yarn Wreath

I've become obsessed with wreaths after my fall football wreath turned out so well. (I swore off wreaths a few years ago when I tried one from Martha Stuart and it was a hot mess!)

I was trolling Etsy and saw this adorable Christmas Yarn Wreath. I almost pushed the purchase button, but couldn't get over the sale price. I knew I could get all the "ingredients" for so much less! So I took a stab at making my own. It was a quick and easy project. I may even consider knocking out a few more for gifts.

All you need is a wreath form, either foam or straw (with plastic on) will work, yarn and coordinating felt, scissors, and a glue gun.

First, tie the yarn around the wreath form and start wrapping the wreath foam in yarn - and just keep wrapping. You want it to be very tight. Every once in a while push it all together to make sure it is nice and tight. (For this one I wrapped red and white yarn at the same time.) Once you have the whole wreath wrapped, tie of the yarn again and cut it loose from the spool.  (This is where my little one thought it would be fun to help out and unrolled a whole spool of yarn. He was laughing so hard the whole time I just couldn't stop him!)

Now all you have to do is add decorative felt flowers, or other establishments. There are lots of video and blog tutorials out there on how to make felt flowers. I cut circles of varying sizes into spirals and then wrapped them back up, secured with hot glue and a straight pin. I looped some ribbon around the body of the wreath, secured with one straight pin, and hung it on the front door.

Go get some yarn and make your own.
Happy Crafting!

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