Saturday, March 15, 2014

Baby Hats with Huge Pom Poms

I was gifted a knitting loom and Pom Pom maker for Christmas. Four months later I have finally gotten the hang of this thing. Ok...I can make baby hats and that is about it. I may branch out...eventually. In the meantime, enjoy all these adorable little hats with huge Pom Poms! 

Car Carrier Wallet

There are so many great tutorials for these car carriers on pInterest. It may be the most practical gift I've made my little one so far. This is going to provide hours of entertainment, in one cute little package. 

The cars (6 of them) for in the little red pockets and amazingly do not fall out when the wallet is folded over. 

I'm hoping to knock out a few more for gifts. Head over to Pinterest to find a pattern that works for you! 

Color Matching Fabric Square

I promised my husband I would complete a few scrap projects to whittle down my stash before baby comes. (I secretly am only doing it so that I have an excuse to purchase more fabric after baby!) 

My little one is still working on mastering colors. I saw this little color matching game on Pinterest. I always have clothes pins laying around, so it was a quick easy project.

A few thoughts. 

1. I made two quickly since I cut the fabric into squares and then into triangles. 

2. I used markers to color the clothes pins and wrote the color name on the other side. The marker will wipe right off if you don't spray it with a sealant or use paint. 

This is headed for my son's Easter basket. The duplicate is part of a birthday gift for a friend.

Moms Night Out: Painting

I'm part if the most wonderful Fit4Mom group. We workout and have playgroups during the week, but we also do moms night out activities on weekends, and this morning we went to Painting with a Twist. 

The majority of us are either pregnant or nursing, so not so much "with a twist," but we did complete these Pikes Peak at Night painting.

This is a great girls outing. We had plenty of time to talk and all took home a really fun painting! 

This is actually the exact same painting place we went to on our house hunting trip to the Springs two years ago when I was pregnant with H. 

Car Seat Cover

The nesting must be setting in because I am getting through projects these days - although I'm seriously neglecting a quilt for little H that I was hoping to get done before the new little one arrives.

One of the girls asked me to make her a car seat cover, she wanted to have a split front. I toyed with magnets or Velcro, but ended up using simple ribbon ties. I used a car seat cover I already had as a template. This sucker came together in under and hour.