Friday, December 30, 2011

Melted Crayon Art

It's not the most original project - since it is all over Pinterest. With all those colors I just had to give it a try!

I had big plans for a grey, yellow and blue canvas - but the cr ayon box only has a few yellows and I started to get worried it would be too dark. I quickly decided a rainbow with more of my color palate included would be a better plan.

I also wanted to put some sort of print in the middle using painters tape. I had a cute airplane all taped on but as I started to use the hair dryer to melt the crayons the airplane peeled on the sides and I finally ended up pulling it off.

Also the hair dryer blows the wax all over the place - in directions you can't even fathom. I found holding it directly above the crayons was my best bet. Even better than the hair dryer was my heat embosser - it produced a centered stream of air that melted the crayons in a direction I could control.

Anyway, I love the outcome - here it is hanging on a random wall. I just had to decide now which way to hang it!

Lavender Sachets

Just before Christmas I was in need of a few sticking stuffers for my mom and sister. I had a few charm squares left over from various projects and had picked up some dried lavender from a farm on the coast so I figured I would make some sachets.

It could not have been easier. I sewed the charm squares together right sides facing each other. I left a small gap for turning and filling. As I was sewing the edges I placed a small piece of ribbon I'm the hem to create a small tag. I used the same ribbon to designate the set of three.

I turned all the squares, pushing out the corners with a chopstick. I filled each with a tablespoon of dried lavender and then a bit of fiber fill to round out the pillows. Each little sachet needs to be closed by hand. (Thats the annoying part I'm still getting a handle on.)

Each set of three will take you less than 30min so it's an easy project for those left over charm squares. There would make perfect housewarming or hostess gifts.

Easy Stylish Burp Cloths

Since I saw these on Petite Lemon Blog I wanted to give them a try. I'm always hesitant to try something new for a baby gift so, of course, I made a set for myself.

As usual I made a few alterations. I used scrap fabric instead of new fat quarters - you need about 6" x 18" for each cloth. I also used the ribbon to line the top and bottom of the cloth instead of down the side as the pattern called for. This allowed me to include a little ribbon loop so that I can attach the cloth to something if I want.

This is a really easy project. I used the cloth diapers I could find at the BX and I think next time I will look for a thicker diaper. They washed really nicely and are in the drawer ready to go. Now to make a few more for my pregnant friends!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Animal Pillows

I wanted to do the nursery in grey and yellow since I found out I was pregnant. It's been hard to find exactly what I want in those colors making things seems to be my best option.

I had two Ikea pillows that have traveled with us since my college days. The covers were gross but the pillows were in great shape so they have been transformed with new covers. I used this easy tutorial to make an envelope pillow cover - there are many out there if you don't particularly like this one. Instead of using just one piece of fabric I used a different fabric on the back.

I appliquéd animals to the front echoing the pattern on the back - the back is the animal print from Kate Spain's Central Park that I used for the car seat cover. I drew the animals out on a piece of paper and traced it backwards on to interfacing which I ironed on to the fabric and cut it out. (Again many tutorials on applique are available) I used a simple envelope closure on the back of the pillow since they will mostly be decorative and don't need a zipper.

I'm always impressed by how challenging appliqué looks and yet how simple it really is. I don't want to go overboard with the animal theme but it does help bring a childish theme to the room.

And just because I can here is one more photo of the little grey elephant!

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Car Seat Canopy

The car seat cover turned out to be a quick project. I had looked at a few of these online but couldn't find exactly what I wanted. Ah, the beauity fo making it yourself. I had been holding on to this Central Park yardage for just such a project - it just screems little boy to me.

After scouring the blogosphere for pattern options, I found one I liked from Make it Do. With a few modifications for my sewing style and Carseat model I had a cute cover in just a few hours. (I was also making Chex Mix so I was a bit distracted.)

The only modificaiton worth mentioning is the measurements for where to place the straps on the cover in the pattern. We have Britax Chaperone and the handle appears to be more forward then the handle the pattern is intended for. I just pinned the straps and adjusted as need be before sewing everything in place.

Here is a picture of the cover laid out on the table with the straps pinned on .

A big thanks to B who came through with velcro when I discovered I did not have any!

I'm so pleased with the outcome!

Update: Thanks to Pinterest I've found a few great tutorials for these in addition to the one I used. The Ribbon Retreat has this adorable tutorial complete with girly bows. Craftiness Is Not Optional also has this great car seat cover.

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Building Blocks

Since we will only be in this house a few months with the new baby I'm limited in the amount of "nesting" I can do. Instead of painting and things like that I've taken to crafting things for our little one.

There is a tutorial for Quilted Log Cabin Blocks on Moda Bake Shop that I wanted to try. Instead of quilting the blocks i figured i would just use some left over charm squares. When I was looking through my fabric stash I noticed lots of yellow layer cakes left over from various projects. I thought some large blocks might be fun.

Each block requires 6 layer cakes and allot of fiberfill. I sewed the blocks together as directed to in the Moda Bakeshop tutorial. It looks a bit confusing when you read the directions but I found it really intuitive once I got started.

The blocks maintain their shape very well but are quite squishy. You could easily quilt them or add interfacing if you wanted something a bit stiffer. I love these though and may be making some little ones when I find some more yellow or grey fabric.

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Better than Receiving

Lately it feels like I'm always packing up my quilts to send across the country as gifts - which I love - but I don't get to be there when they are opened. There is something about seeing your hard work find its home that is so satisfying.

When I finished the Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat quilt for M.E. I actually got to take it down the street to her baby shower and watch her open it.

It truly does feel better to give then to receive.

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