Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nursing Cover

I'm T minus one week to my due date - the nesting instinct has fully kicked in and I'm coming up with a handful of little projects. I don't want to start anything too big because I know having a half finished project when I go into labor would make me crazy.

Today's little project was a nursing cover. I found a few patterns online but none seemed to be exactly what I wanted. I was given a used "hooter hider" and decided I could just use that to make my own.
(In the picture bellow the red and brown one I used as the pattern.) It is a really simple project. I added a full pocket, made form a wash cloth to the bottom left corner. I also added some length and width which will help if I use it with my breast pump. I also lined mine which made a few of the steps easier and gives it a really pretty finished look. I need to take better close up photos but these will have to do for now.

I have a few quilts that I am finishing up - read hand binding very slowly - so hopefully pictures of those will come soon.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Auction Quilt

As promised here is a lovely picture of the finished quilt from the EOSC Auction.

Monday, March 12, 2012

First comes Marriage..

Way back in June my best friend, K, from college got married in Detroit. I promised her a quilt for her wedding, but I let her pick out the fabric (we have totally different tastes.) Well, the fabric K picked was delayed and then we were traveling and then I was pregnant...this quilt just has been trouble from the start! I'm pleased to announce it is finally done. I just pulled the quilt out of the dryer! It is certainly different from my typical bright and modern quilts, but I think she will really love it.

The quilt is finished just in time because K will be welcoming a little boy in August! I wanted to throw a few little things in the box for the baby (my soon to be Godson!) so I threw together a stuffed whale and tagged blanket for her little one. I may make a baby quilt for her baby shower..we will have to see how much time I have once our baby arrives.

Oh - my husband asked for a cover for his Kindle to protect it when he throws it in his bag. I threw together this little quilted case from some scraps. Unfortunately, I don't have very many manly scraps so it is a bit girly. It will just have to do for now.

Auction Items

The EOSC auction is fast approaching. A few of the girls from base decided we would put together a quilt for the auction. Everyone made USA Flag blocks and then we put them all together. We had two left over blocks so I threw together some throw pillows to go with the quilt. The auction is Friday and the quilt is not yet complete (don't worry it will be) buy here is a little taste!