Sunday, March 22, 2015

Disney Crafts

We are headed to Disney later this year so the crazy crafting has started.

Back of easy tie blanket.


Today my toddler found some Mickey and Pooh fleece he just loved - so we grabbed a yard of each and threw together some tie blankets. He has been super excited about learning to use scissors so I let him cut a few of the strips too. We had fun and now have two small (read perfect for travel) Mickey/Pooh blankets.


Before we head to Disneyworld the Toddler is headed to Disney on Ice, with one of his best buds for his birthday. I saw some cute t-shirts made with dots from an eraser so I thought I would give it a try with a Mickey silhouette. I have not taken the wax paper stencil off yet because I'm too scared. I'm going to let it dry overnight to prevent any leakage. 


 I found some blank spiral bound books at Hobby Lobby. I painted them red and then with some painters tape painted the rest of them black. (I used Martha Stuart craft paint.) I had some white buttons laying around that I glued onto the book. Then I coated the whole thing in some modge podge. I used some sticker letters to put the kiddos names on the back.

I have no idea how these will hold up, but my kids are toddlers so I think the chance of getting autographs is about the same as these being used for their drawings or stickers while they ride around in the stroller.


I've seen these straps you attach to your stroller all over Pinterest and Etsy. They loop over your stroller handle and give your toddler a handle to hold when they don't feel like riding. Its a nice alternative to my kiddo holding my hand while I try to push the stroller and (typically) hold the baby. I know, I know.. why have a stroller? To hold my stuff of course :)

I made a different type of handle for a friend who is currently at Disney. She wanted something a little shorter so I used elastic for the part that hooks to her stroller. Again, there are a ton of patterns on Pinterst - they even have long ones that hook to your purse. Could have used one of those today when I took both kids to Old Navy on my own... what was I thinking! 

More crafts to come...