Thursday, July 19, 2012

Peanut Butter Goodness

As you know, I'm stuck in TLF (Temproary Living Facility) in Alabama - although we closed on our house in Colorado Springs this week. Yea! I'm getting antsy to move into the house and start on some of the projects I've been planning all summer. I'm also anxious to reunite H with some of his things that I feel like he would really enjoy now (the bumbo and the johnny jump up). I'm also trying not to wish away the time I have with my family though. I love seeing H with my parents and will be sad when its time to leave. Anyway, enough about that on to my crafty adventures...

 Each week my husbands class gets together for an activity - this week it is a cookout. Even with a limited kitchen, I feel compelled to make something. I typed "no bake" into Pinterest and found some amazing options, but at the end of the day these Peanut Butter Bars caught my attention.

A trip to the commissary and 30 min later these suckers were in the refrigerator hardening for tomorrow's cook out. I followed the recipe exactly as directed on Six Sisters' blog. I added some crumbled Reece's on the top to add some texture. I froze the Reece's first so that when I smashed them they wouldn't get mushy. (Having limited kitchen supplies I used the PB jar to do the smashing.)

I can't say exactly how they turned out since I won't let anyone sample them quite yet - but my husband licked all the bowls and says they are delicious.

Tomorrow I plan to make a quinoa salad as well so that we have some side items - plus it will cancel out the PB Bars ... right?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Favorite Things: A Baby Shower Gift

Favorite Things Baby Shower Gift.
As you know, my dear friend K is having a baby boy, due any day now!  She had a lovely shower in Birmingham, Michigan that I attended with little H and my sister. I wanted to do something really special for her. I know that most of her friends have much older kids or no kids at all. Even though I only have 2 months experience, at Edwards, AFB I was surrounded by moms with great product advice. I created a little "favorite things" bag for her with some of the small products I never would have learned about without the help of these moms.

I'm sad to say I did not take a picture of the final product - but the picture above was what I had collected before I left Atlanta for the shower. We made a quick Target run for a few items once we arrived in Michigan. My sister also picked up a few adorable things from the Congressional Gift Shop. (She is a Congressional Staffer and K and I spent many summers in DC, so it was a nice personal touch.)

For each item, we created a little label out of a note card. I bought some scrapbook baby stickers to put on the note card, along with whose favorite thing it was (Mom, Dad or Baby) and something cute about the product. (For example: the card on the links read "Baby's favorite thing - I love to suck and chew on these plus they hold my toys so they don't fall on the floor. You can never have enough.) I've actually used everything I gave her, so I could honestly recommend them.

The whole thing came together nicely and was really cute when she read them all out loud at the shower. I wrapped some of the items and left others completely unwrapped. I packed all the items into an L.L. Bean Tote with the new baby's name on it.

You could do this with your favorite things, but my bag included: the L.L. Bean Tote, Inch Bug Bottle Labels, Inch Bug Fabric Labels, nursing cover, a Gownie (to wear when she gets home, not at the hospital), Links, Stroller Toy, Extra Onesies, The Pantone Color Book, Art Cards, Arm & Hammer Trash Bags and Carrier, a lovie (sports themed to go with her nursery) and peepee teepees.

Now I just have to wait for K's little boy to make his arrival. Until then, here are a few of my favorite things up close and/or in use.

My Favorite Baby Product!

Art Cards!
Pantone Color Book
Monkie Lovie!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Favorite Things: Cookbook

Three Months is a long time to be living out of suitcases. (We have things spread all over!) I've started to miss some of the things that felt like chores towards the end of the pregnancy and Edwards stay. One of which was meal planning.

When we are at my parents my mom does all the meal planning, when we are at TLF our cooking supplies are limited (think a mini oven, pizza pan and one pan). So, when a new cookbook was gifted to me I flipped through it with much enthusiasm.

I was skeptical but the recipes look delicious and simple - which will be nice with the baby. I've actually tired a few from the magazine in the past with great results - including engagement chicken!

Let's be clear - it is no America's Teat Kitchen (where everything we have cooked from it gets rave reviews) or Joy of Cooking (that has EVERYTHING), but it has solid recipes that I can easily make with the baby in tow.

Happy Crafting (and cooking!)

Lemon Sugar Scrub

Homemade Lemon Sugar Scrub
We've been doing a lot of driving between my parents house in Atlanta and our temporary lodging at Maxwell, AFB. We also decided to head down to Florida for the Fourth of July weekend - so lots of time in the car. Typically, I do some sewing in the car but I'm either in the back with little H if he is awake or enjoying talking with Jeff - so things have certainly changed. I even caught a little shut eye on our drive back from Florida while H was also sleeping. (I'm embracing the "when baby sleeps, mommy sleeps" mentality - haha.)

Easy 1,2,3: Sugar, Olive Oil & Lemon Juice
I did find some time for a much needed Pinterest Success! This sugar scrub from Gluten Free Navy Wife was easy to make and works like a charm. I halved the recipe with much success. I just used what was at my house - so regular old sugar, olive oil and refrigerated lemon juice. I put all the ingredients in an old Talenti gelato container - which is the perfect size and it looks nice sitting in the bathroom.

I think when we are finally in our home I may purchase a more fun oil and use a fresh squeezed citrus. This is such a quick project you should just go do it right now. Seriously! Right Now! Your legs (and husband) will thank you!

*I should have also added that this will separate if you leave it sitting. I just shake up the jar each time before I use it.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blueberry Yogurt Bites

I found a post online (on Pinterest) for blueberry yogurt bites. The idea is simple. You roll blueberries in Greek yogurt and freeze. B, over at Practically Crafty, made something similar with rave reviews. I gave these yogurt bites with a twist a try. They were ok.

I'm fairly certain the problem is the fat free Greek Yogurt. They turned out a bit icy - something fat would have helped. (Thats what I get For using what we had in the house!) While they are not quite the tasty summer treat I had hoped, they are the perfect base for smoothies. We just add a cup of these to our favorite fruit creation and it replaces the yogurt and ice you would otherwise need to add.