Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Mobile Adventure

Those that read this blog and have come over to the house will know that my little mobile has been done and displayed in various stages for a while now.

The clouds are made of felt and were a great easy project for a movie night. (I have a hard time sitting still on the couch while we watch a movie.) The whole stringing them up as a mobile thing was a bit of a disaster.

I may be the crafter in the house but I am not the engineer. Last night I finally convinced my husband to redo the construction of the mobile. I left him with my box of crafting supplies while I took a bath. As I expected he nailed the construction - making sure it finally hung evenly over the changing table.

Just one more project - replacing the picture of Washington, DC with something more baby appropriate - and the nursery will be complete. Ok well we also need to get the crib from our friends..but one thing at a time.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bassinet Revisited

I've been having so much fun hanging out with the squadron ladies this week that I've neglected updating the blog. It's fitting though since my recent big project has been updating the bassinet cover. The bassinet is a hand me down from one of my favorite families in the squadron who got it as a hand me down from another former 461st family. We couldn't be more thrilled to be part of such a wonderful family.

Anyway, the bassinet came with a pattern for a short cover but while browsing the Internet I found a pattern on Etsy for a longer cover that I thought I would try.

It turned out quite well. I did ditch the hood because it got quite complicated. The pattern was designed for a hood with one support and this bassinet has two supports. We are intending to use the bassinet in our bedroom do a hood is not a necessity.

I'm glad to have it knocked off my to do list - although I intend to use the leftover fabric to make the missing bassinet sheet.

Just a few more little projects and I think I'll be done with the nursery!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Baby Shower, Nursery Decorating & Diaper Stacker

I had my baby shower this past weekend - it was just perfect everything was all yellow and grey. It was so nice to have my family here from Atlanta to celebrate with my Edwards family. I'm going to miss these ladies so much when we move this summer. Thanks to the wonderful hostesses Jen and Bethany for the best baby shower a girl could ask for.

I was able to take home some of the decorations for the shower to decorate the nursery. We will only be in this house for a few months with the baby, so I wasn't planning on doing much decorating - however once I saw the adorable lanterns and pennant it didn't take much convincing. Plus with family and friends in town I didn't have to do much of the work. We still have lots of preparations to get done but the room is finally coming together.

As if all of that wasn't enough, I'm still working through my list of projects for the baby. I found a pattern for this Diaper Stacker. The directions were not as clear as I would have liked them to be (or perhaps its pregnancy brain) but I muddled through and turned out this adorable gem that will hang in the nursery. I don't have any diapers to put in it yet... that is an errand for another day.