Thursday, January 27, 2011

"X-Rated" Quilt

This is my first, on my own, completed quilt. I pieced a quilt last December but it didn't make the trip to Texas with me - so it didn't get finished.

The pattern is adorable and its funny name, X-Rated, made me giggle so I had to give it a try. I used Moda's Lily&Will fabric which is perfect for a baby quilt.

It has not been the easiest of projects. Getting everything lined up turned out to be a big headache (notice the outside X's look like capital T's.) The binding, however, was the real problem. I'm hopeful that it is a beginner thing. The second time (yes, I had to rip the first one completely out) I completed the blind hem stitch by hand. I think I will be hanging on to this quilt because its not quite perfect.

Despite all the problems I am happy to have my first completed quilt behind me.

"Around the Clock" Shower Invitations

My dearest friend Kym is getting married this summer so of course that means I get to throw a wedding shower. The other bridesmaids and I decided on an "Around the Clock" shower theme where all the guests bring a gift the bride can use at a particular time.

Using stamps, embossing powder and a sharpie. I made gift tags to include in all the invitations. Each invitation has a tag with the time stamped on it and then another one to attach to the gift.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flat Stanley -Texas Style

Jeff's godson sent us a naked Flat Stanley in the mail! When I worked in PR at NASA we got lots of Flat Stanley's but they were always dressed and with us just long enough to take a photo and move on to the next location. This time we were asked to dress Flat in local attire and send him back to the kindergarten class. I figured, when in Texas... so with a little help from Bethany (who was visiting Texas) we dressed Flat for the Fort Worth Rodeo. I had some felt from my quiet book project and a little extra fabric from a quilt and that proved to be enough to dress Flat. We have to find a suitable place to take his photo before we put him in an envelope and send him on his way.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bethany's Birthday Cake

I love to bake. I got all this amazing baking stuff for our wedding and will make any excuse to use it. When Dan mentioned that Bethany was going to make her own birthday cake I jumped at the chance to try a new recipe for Mount Vernon Cake from The Cake Doctor. The cake has cherry filling, which was made with real cherries - yummy!

My cake decorating skills still need some work but the cake was delicious and isn't that what counts!

My Frist Project: The Apron

For my first project Bethany told me I could make anything I wanted. She already had some cute Apron patterns. Every time we went to the fabric store this cute Apple fabric jumped out at me - so I assumed it was fate. I was going to learn to sew. So one night while Jeff was out of town Bethany taught me to sew and I have this great Apron to show for it. (Oh and in the course of one afternoon/evening I learned to sew!)