Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Nesting

Just a few weeks to go before Baby Peach makes an appearance. Spring has also finally, hopefully, come to Colorado. The combination means we are spring cleaning and nesting all at once.
Projects abound! 

Music Wall 

We wanted to make the backyard a place little peach could really enjoy this spring/summer. What kid doesn't love to make noise. The husband built this little holder and a few thrift store trips later it is ready to be moved into the yard. I'm sure we will attract the attention of the neighbors but our little one is bound to love the freedom to make noise! 

Outdoor Dining Table 

I have pinned several of those "make this Pottery Barn Table for $100." The husband finally caved and built a beautiful outdoor dining table. We are still working on the bench and chair situation, but the table looks lovely upstairs on the deck. 

Little Picnic Table (picture above) 

In addition to the adult table, the husband threw together a picnic table for the littles. It is another Pinterest find, but Little Peach wants to eat out there every night since we moved it to the deck. 

Under Porch Seating Area 

Little Peach's play area is accessible under the deck so we decided to move the outdoor furniture we already had down there. Using drop cloths for curtains we eliminated the sun problem and cerated a nice area to both sit and play. 

*My Rug finally arrived! I love the punch of color it adds! 

Growth Chart 

I asked the husband to pick up a piece if wood for me to make into a growth chart - I figured I should participate in the wood based crafting. There are so manycute growth  charts out there, but I'm obsessed with this Mary Popins themed one.  I had yellow paint left over from the tiny playroom under the stairs for my background color. After marking off the measurements I started playing around with wording. 

Craft Area Clean Out 

The craft area had gotten a bit out of control. I had put things away when we moved in a year ago, but never really reorganized. My sister and I pulled everything out, categorized it and thought about how to store it. We went to ikea for boxes and jars and got everything into a well labeled home.

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