Friday, October 10, 2014

Preparing for Toddlers in Yellowstone

Before heading out on our summer adventure to Yellowstone, I knocked out some simple crafts to make all our outdoor time a bit more fun, and dare I say, educational. 

This is an egg crate that I painted.
Within minutes of it drying, our little guy was already on the hunt for matching items. Plus, you probably have everything you need for the craft in your house right now! 

I also found a few printables for our walks and car ride. (A quick Pinterest search if "nature hunt" or "car bingo" will give you plenty of options.) I printed them back to front and laminated them. I embellished a few with cutout color circles, my own little drawings and some ribbon. 

Our little guy got to pick them for hikes or when we needed something to do in the car. He was able to draw on them with the crayola window crayons and it wiped right off. 

The clear favorite was a map of Yellowstone that I found online. Our two year old loved giving us "directions" both on the road and trail. 

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