Sunday, April 19, 2015

Disney Freezer Paper T-Shirts and other Disney Crafts

I've been searching for the perfect disney shirts for the upcoming DisneyWorld trip and just could not find what I was looking for. I also have a large stock of freezer paper on hand so I decided to take a stab at making the shirts myself. 

There are thousands of freezer paper stencil tutorials online. Here is one of them. 
In general though, you just print out the image you want and trace it onto the freezer paper. Cut it out using an exact-o-knife, iron it onto the shirt and paint with fabric paint. 

I made most of my patterns just in word or by finding images of what I wanted and modifying them.

My only additional thoughts are these.

- When using a colored shirt, put a layer of white down first before using anything other then black. You can see the red and yellow in the "one" shirt are not as bright as they may otherwise have been had a I put some white down first.

- Let the paint dry completely (ie overnight or longer) before you pull up the freezer paper. This will give you the nice crisp lines you see on tinker belle. I got a little excited and pulled up the "one" shirt early and ended up with a not so crisp lined 'e'.

On the adult shirts I put the designs down on the bottom of the shirt and a bow either on the back or on the side. I found when I centered the designs I had trouble with how they were laying in the breast area. The bow is on a safety pin so I can easily remove it to wash or if it becomes uncomfortable.

These tanks will be perfect for layering

Since I had the fabric paints out, and an extra shirt for both boys I thought I could do some 4th of July shirts. The kids sort of put their handprints where ever and I rolled with it. They are a little wonky but I love things with their hand prints on them. 

 I made some PJ pants from flannel a while back, using the boy's existing pants as a pattern.  (See tutorial here.) This worked so well, so I thought i would give it a try with cotton. The cotton works great - make sure you pre-wash it so all the shrinking happens before you make the pants. My only thought is that they are a bit see through - no big deal for my 3 year old, but it would be if you were making them for yourself.

Needless to say he loves the pants and they are currently paired with the birthday Mickey shirts I made for him and his friends to wear to Disney on Ice. These shirts also glow in the dark so they are the perfect PJ shirt.

Whew... I've been busy, but I'm not done yet! I found some Winnie the Pooh fabric and threw together a quick baby quilt top. That quilt top has been sitting on my craft counter for a month or more. I had some leftover fleece chevron fabric from the aforementioned fleece PJ pants. I decided al lightweight quilt was in order.

Instead of messing with batting and binding, I just put the two right sides together sewed around the edge, leaving a small hole, and then turned them. Once turned I did a decorative stick around the edge and a few through the middle to hold it all together. Its perfect for a light weight blanket for one of the boys to snuggle with in florida.

So I think at least craft wise I'm prepared for Disney... well until I hit Pinterest and find some more things to do :)

Happy Crafting.


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