Saturday, November 26, 2011

Giving Thanks

I celebrated my one year sewing anniversary over Thanksgiving. Last year my husband gave me a sewing machine as an early Christmas present. Although my first official project was the apron B taught me how to make - the first project I did on my own were Thanksgiving placements. I finished them last year just in time to host Thanksgiving dinner with my family and our Edwards family. Unfortunately, I never got any pictures before we put them away. While we were in Texas we had some mice move into our garage and the pilgrim hat and mayflower designs were eaten - the others survived the attack and I was happy to see these beauties again this year. (I only took pictures of the two letters and a turkey - there are a few more in the collection.)

We didn't host Thanksgiving this year and instead got to focus on just making our favorite dishes. I made the same Pecan Pie (which we pronounce pee-can in Georgia) I made last year - only because I remember it being amazing - but it all being gone by the end of the night. This year was no different but I did sneak an extra piece!

Jeff focused on baking bread. His bread baking skills just get better every year. I can only imagine what the bread will look like once we have an oven that properly heats. (The cheap ovens in base housing don't maintain their temperature very well making bread baking a big difficult.) The bread was one of the highlights of the evening. Here are a few pictures of the deliciousness that came our of our kitchen for Thanksgiving.

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