Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baby's First Facebook

Why is it that you feel so successful after completing a Pintrist project? I did allot of pinning while I was pregnant with H. I am just now getting around to accomplish some of those projects. As I've mentioned previously, it is a bit challenging since I have the little one and I am geographically separated from my craft supplies.

 A photo-book project seemed like a good place to start. I could do it from my computer and all it required was making sure I had all the digital pictures I needed uploaded before we left California. The project I found on Pintrist had you cutting and pasting pictures onto an old board book. I decided it would be easier to just have one printed by one of the many photo-book companies. I chose to use Shutterfly because (a) they almost always have great sales on their books and (b) they offer a great variety of little stickers and such that you can use to spice up the book. I've also used Snapfish in the past to make photo books after our long trips but have been happier with Shutterfly's options for baby books.

The first project was an ABC book for Henry that I actually finished before he was born. I used photos from our travel adventures (which you can read about here) to illustrate all the letters. Shutterfly already has a template for this type of book which made it easy to do in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. He is still a little young to really get it - but he loves looking at all the bright colors. We like it because we can tell him stories about all the pictures making it sort of a story book as well.

The Facebook took me a bit longer. I collected good pictures of everyone's faces (and as many as I could of people with H) and put them into a book highlighting the faces of his family and friends. H loves to stare at the faces. As an added bonus, it will help him remember everyone later in life since, as a military family, we are often far away from our family and friends. This project was well timed since we are spending the summer so close to many of our family and friends.

I've posted previews of the books bellow for your perusing pleasure. With so many photobook ideas on Pintrist I will certainly be making some more in the future.

Happy Crafting!

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