Friday, June 8, 2012

Craft-tastic Gifts!

So much has happened since I last posted.

First, I had my beautiful baby boy, little H, and now I feel like I have so many new projects I want to start for him and have had exposure to so many great new products that I can't wait to post about.

Second, we've moved! That's right ... we finally got out of Edwards and are in route to Colorado Springs. We have had a brief detour to the south for two months so the husband can attend Squadron Officer School in Montgomery, AL. This detour has left me separated from my craft supplies but provided lots of opportunities for new adventures. (Which you can read about on our family travel blog.) As part of our send off our dear friend made these adorable cookies for all people leaving the squadron and the blue airplanes for all the new arrivals. Leaving Edwards was bittersweet and we will never forget all our wonderful friends there.

Third, we are under contract on a house in Colorado Springs. The house is adorable and is in need of just a little TLC. I'm so excited about some of the projects for our new home and am thoroughly enjoying pinning every possible idea I can find to my Pinterest boards.

Fourth, I got a new camera! Yes, my husband celebrated the arrival of our new little one and my 30th birthday with an SLR camera (a Cannon T-3 Rebel.) My parents then presented me with a 50mm lens. This sucker has let me take some adorable pictures of H and hopefully will help me take better pictures of my "projects" as well.  (Look at how cute our little guy is!)

Needless to say we have allot going on around here and very little of it has involved me getting projects done. However, little H's arrival has sparked some adorable projects from other people.

My mom, an avid crossstitcher, produced the most adorable birth announcement to hang in H's room. She finished it up in the hospital with us once we decided on little H's name but brought it back to Atlanta to have it framed. She presented it to H at his baptism a few weeks ago.

My good friend B, over at Practically Crafty, has been busily crafting away for my little one as well. She made an adorable bootie/sweater combination for little H. Unfortunately little H is quickly becoming big H and I think he is going to outgrow the sweater and booties. Thanks to Pinterest they are destined for a frame in his room to remind us how little he once was.

B, in all her wisdom, also sent me some crafts I could complete here which will be prefect for my weeks spent in Alabama. (When I'm not taking pictures of little H!). Happy Crafting!

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