Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jewelry Organizer out of a Silverware Tray and Other Pinterest Projects

We are finally in our new house and I have so many projects it's hard to focus.

My husband has been engaging in the larger projects, necessitating many trips to our local Home Depot. (Home Depot offers a lovely military discount and allows you to register your ID card so you don't have to show it every time and have a manger come over to approve it.) Anyway, so far he has converted our dryer from a more modern four prong to a three prong to fit into the plug at the new house, installed a clothes line out back at a height that will prevent anyone from getting strangled, and most recently installed a whole house humidifier! (At the time of writing the whole house humidifier was mostly installed - we are missing a crucial bolt that will require another trip to the HD. I have complete faith that it will be complete tomorrow though.)

Little H has been busy as well. He was joyfully reunited with all his toys and has started rolling over since arriving at the new house!

Meanwhile I have tackled a few small projects I have had on my list.

I printed a meal planner I found on Pinterest, framed it in a document frame and hung it in the kitchen. I use a wet erase marker to plan the weeks meals for all to see. (This way my husband can voice his concern and preference over a meal choice before dinner is on table.) We have a lively little farmers market we walk to on Saturdays. Through October, I will be able to walk there and then meal plan and hit the Grocery on Sunday so I can take on the week in an organized fashion.

Second, I created a weekly chore chart. It also found a home in a document frame. This one is out of sight in the laundry room, where I can check off activities with a dry erase marker. Since I'm at home with the little one and this house is larger than our Edwards AFB home, I figured I may need some structure to my cleaning. There were lots of examples on Pinterest that are easily modified. I had to make sure to include my every other day cloth diaper washing in the schedule.

Finally, the jewelry organizer. Another Pinterest find that was perfect for my new closet. Much like the original pinner, I have quite a bit of costume jewelry. When it was relegated to a drawer, I would forget I had it - so this not only looks pretty, it reminds me of what I have when I'm putting an outfit together. I keeps all my easily tarnished pieces in the aforementioned drawer, but now they don't have to fight for space. These pieces fit into a lined organizer I found at Everything Organized a few years ago.

I started with two wooden silverware trays, spray painted them white (two coats), added hooks and secured then to the wall. Ok. Ok. Actually I "supervised" my husband doing most of that, but I did hang the jewelry up myself.

I followed the directions from this blog. The wood did not take the hooks well, so pilot holes needed to be drilled. While screwing in the hooks, both of my boxes cracked, but it was easily repaired (by my husband) with wood glue.

Anyway, I love it! I can't wait to start on my next set of projects. Happy Crafting!

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