Thursday, July 19, 2012

Peanut Butter Goodness

As you know, I'm stuck in TLF (Temproary Living Facility) in Alabama - although we closed on our house in Colorado Springs this week. Yea! I'm getting antsy to move into the house and start on some of the projects I've been planning all summer. I'm also anxious to reunite H with some of his things that I feel like he would really enjoy now (the bumbo and the johnny jump up). I'm also trying not to wish away the time I have with my family though. I love seeing H with my parents and will be sad when its time to leave. Anyway, enough about that on to my crafty adventures...

 Each week my husbands class gets together for an activity - this week it is a cookout. Even with a limited kitchen, I feel compelled to make something. I typed "no bake" into Pinterest and found some amazing options, but at the end of the day these Peanut Butter Bars caught my attention.

A trip to the commissary and 30 min later these suckers were in the refrigerator hardening for tomorrow's cook out. I followed the recipe exactly as directed on Six Sisters' blog. I added some crumbled Reece's on the top to add some texture. I froze the Reece's first so that when I smashed them they wouldn't get mushy. (Having limited kitchen supplies I used the PB jar to do the smashing.)

I can't say exactly how they turned out since I won't let anyone sample them quite yet - but my husband licked all the bowls and says they are delicious.

Tomorrow I plan to make a quinoa salad as well so that we have some side items - plus it will cancel out the PB Bars ... right?

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