Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tree Trunk Ornament

Easiest Pinterest Project Yet! (If you don't count cutting down the tree.)

We decided to cut down our own tree from the National Forest this year. It seemed like a very "Colorado" thing to do. With our $10 permit in hand and good friends at our side, we headed into the forest to find the perfect tree.

It took a while. My husband was darting through the forest and every time we thought we found one, we would see another one off in the distance. Finally, we found it way up on a hill. Our first tree as a family of three. Husband cut it down, while I held little H, supervised, and photographed the whole ordeal.

I love a good fat tree. This tree is not fat - but it is cute. I'm not going to lie - it's a little sparse in the middle - but it's trunk was straight and it was the perfect height.

So to make the ornament.
1) Cut piece off trunk & drill hole (in my case - have husband do this!)
2) Let Dry (ours was all sappy)
3) Use a Sharpie to write on it (The front of mine is pictured and the back says "Pike National Forest)
4) Modge Podge to Seal
5) Use a chopstick to force the ribbon through the hole and hang from tree. Ta Da! Simple.

Happy Holiday Crafting!

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