Thursday, January 24, 2013

Playroom Art Area

It's nearly the end of January and I am still in a holiday crafting slump! I did finish the basement art area - spurred by the immanent arrival of dear friends and their three children. I wanted them to have plenty of space to play while they were here, and it's been on my list to finish for a while.

The art area has lots of space for drawings or inspirational pictures. Old frames from our local frame shop (they gave them to me, since they were going to toss them) found new life with a coat of spray paint. I found some smaller frames on Etsy through TheBumbleintheBee. Some fun binder clips from Target hung on nails provides a way to clip all sorts of items into the frames. 

We ended up with two rather large frames. One was filled with a piece of leftover board from our garage organization project, which I painted with MANY coats of chalkboard paint. It works great - as long as you use a wet cloth to erase the chalk and not an actual chalk eraser. 

The other frame was filled with a piece of sheet metal from our local Home Depot. (Thanks to all the nice folks who helped us find the right kind of sheet metal - i.e. walked around the store with us trying out different magnets!) We covered the sheet metal with a piece of fabric before gluing into the frame. 

And of course there is the crayola project and the dog painting. (The dog painting was completed at a girls night with Paint the Town .) 


  1. What a great wall.. I LOVE the dog painting! So cute!

  2. The wall looks super. And I also love the dog. I'm sure the kids love it too. Great blog.