Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fabric "Memory" Game and Storage Bag.

I've been working through some new projects all around the theme of quiet guided activities for my son. I love the idea of activities that are self contained.
I saw this idea on - where else - Pinterest. It is basically the game of memory, but with fabric.  I have so much fabric that I just love, and this seemed to be a great, quick, scrap fabric project.

I cut 40 5x5 squares, 20 from patterned fabric (2 of each) and 20 in the backing print. I put them right sides together and sewed most of the way around and flipped them. I filled mine with Polyfill, because that is what I had on-hand. You could also use interfacing, or quilt batting, or even beans. Then, I put another stitch around the outside to close the holes and make them lie a bit flat. 

The bag I just pieced together, using the outside fabric from the memory squares as the lining fabric. 

Fabric squares fit neatly into the bag.

Quick storage bag to hold activity. 

There are many ways to play with these adorable fabric squares. Line them up for a traditional game of memory and search for matches. You can also just pile them up and ask your child to find a match. My little guy likes to find things like birds and bugs, sort of like an I-spy game. 

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