Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Quiet Book Exchange, Part I

After three long months of hard work, both quiet book exchanges are completed... with the exception of a few straggling pages.

One exchange had six people each doing two pages. The other exchange had 12 people, most of whom did two pages.

Anyway, the girls met tonight to exchange pages. Earlier today, we gave our expecting friend a preview copy for her little one. We found all the patterns and ideas on Pinterest... now, I just have to bind my book.

Here are a few pictures of the completed pages:

Cute fishing page waiting to be backed and added to book. 


  1. Would love to know how you set this up I want to do something like this

  2. Sarah, you get a bunch of people together who want to do this and can sew. You can work based on a theme (beach, nursery rhyme, farm) or randomly. Each of you picks a page you like and want to make. If your group has 10 people and you each make one set, you will make 10 of your page. Set a timeline for completion. Then get together and exchange. Each person is responsible for finishing their own book. Its FUN! Check out Quiet book groups on Facebook!

  3. some of these would be good for elderly people in nursing homes or people with dementia and Alzheimer's