Friday, February 25, 2011

Airplanes & Babies - Oh My!

How cute is this quilt!

This pattern is one of the reasons I purchased Warm Welcome: Cozy Quilts for Baby. With my husband's love of airplanes I figured it would come in handy. When our dear friends, the F's, called to tell us they were pregnant and they had just purchased a small plane - I knew I had to make this quilt for them!

While I was back in Atlanta I spent an evening at Whipstitch, a great little fabric store in-town, looking for the perfect fabric. (I had a Groupon!) After pulling most of their inventory off the shelf I found this space themed backing - and then the rest of the fabrics jumped out at me. You can't see the back very well in the picture, but there are little rockets and space guys flying jets - awesome!

The Cozy Quilts pattern calls for the airplanes to all be the same color - but I like brights and wanted to pull from the colors on the space backing. When I went to lay out the quilt I changed the direction the planes were facing - but since all the blocks are the same size that is easy enough to do.

When I got back from Atlanta on Tuesday my husband told me that the F's would be visiting us for this weekend - and then asked if there was any way I could finish the quilt before they got here! Luckily the quilt was very simple to piece and came together in no time. My machine quilting is getting better and due to the quilts small size it went quickly.

My only hesitation is that the F's don't know the sex of their baby yet - and this quilt is very blue if it turns out to be a girl. Since they are on their way here from Colorado as I type this we are obviously going to give it to them anyway. I just hope they don't have a little girl who is always wondering why we gave her a blue quilt!

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