Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Little Quilt

My seven year-old niece loves American Girl Dolls and the color pink. This Christmas, Santa brought her doll (Molly) a new bed. Unforutantly the bed did not have a mattress or any covers. They live up north so poor Molly has been sleeping on the metal bed without any covers.

My niece has a February birthday - the perfect excuse to use some scrap material to make a tiny doll quilt. Using the scraps from the previous pink baby quilt I was able to piece together a smaller, similar quit for Molly's bed. I'm still having some trouble with the binding - it annoys me that its not perfect - but its alright for a little doll quilt.

I still need to put together a small mattress and probably a little pillow (but that requires a trip to the fabric store and since we are iced in that won't happen today.) It just needs a quilt tag and then a cute pink bow before I send it on its way to Erie, PA!

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