Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nursing Cover

I'm T minus one week to my due date - the nesting instinct has fully kicked in and I'm coming up with a handful of little projects. I don't want to start anything too big because I know having a half finished project when I go into labor would make me crazy.

Today's little project was a nursing cover. I found a few patterns online but none seemed to be exactly what I wanted. I was given a used "hooter hider" and decided I could just use that to make my own.
(In the picture bellow the red and brown one I used as the pattern.) It is a really simple project. I added a full pocket, made form a wash cloth to the bottom left corner. I also added some length and width which will help if I use it with my breast pump. I also lined mine which made a few of the steps easier and gives it a really pretty finished look. I need to take better close up photos but these will have to do for now.

I have a few quilts that I am finishing up - read hand binding very slowly - so hopefully pictures of those will come soon.

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