Friday, July 6, 2012

Favorite Things: Cookbook

Three Months is a long time to be living out of suitcases. (We have things spread all over!) I've started to miss some of the things that felt like chores towards the end of the pregnancy and Edwards stay. One of which was meal planning.

When we are at my parents my mom does all the meal planning, when we are at TLF our cooking supplies are limited (think a mini oven, pizza pan and one pan). So, when a new cookbook was gifted to me I flipped through it with much enthusiasm.

I was skeptical but the recipes look delicious and simple - which will be nice with the baby. I've actually tired a few from the magazine in the past with great results - including engagement chicken!

Let's be clear - it is no America's Teat Kitchen (where everything we have cooked from it gets rave reviews) or Joy of Cooking (that has EVERYTHING), but it has solid recipes that I can easily make with the baby in tow.

Happy Crafting (and cooking!)

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