Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Felt Letters

Mailbox and Painting on wall outside Play Kitchen. 

Much too cold to go outside!
Our little guy loves to check the mail. When it's not snowing or cold outside, we open and close the mailbox over and over just for fun. I figured a playroom mailbox would be a warm option that H could grow into. So off to Home Depot we went and found a mailbox for under $20. I considered spray painting it a fun color, but I wanted to get it hung. My husband mounted it on the wall near the door into the play kitchen.

Now...what to put in the mailbox? I had seen some adorable felt letters on Pinterest. I pulled apart an appropriate size envelope (A7 is what I had) to use as a template. I cut the felt, sewed on a little stamp and doodles for addresses and sewed together. Tada -Instant Mail. I had a few little pieces of felt left over to make a heart or two to go inside the envelopes.

I'm sure we will spend tomorrow pulling the letters out and putting them back in - but at least we will be nice and warm inside!

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