Friday, March 29, 2013

Nautical Birthday Party Prep Madness

I finished the balloon wreath and birthday banner a few months ago, but had a whole list of other projects for the party that I am finally getting around to.

The invitations were designed as a PDF. I had them printed through an online printer, and addressed them and sent them myself. I failed to take pictures of them, but thanks to this book on modern hand lettering, I addressed each invitation with fun handwriting. I also used my adorable address stamp, ordered from Etsy.

For party favors, I turned to Oriental Trading - buckets, stuffed fish, and bubbles. I found some bath toys in the Target dollar bin. Finally, some Gold Fish Crackers in individual packets. I ordered a design of little round tags to attach to each bucket. They were easy to print on card stock and attach on my own - just to say thanks!

Boats: I toyed with making my own wooden boats (which my parents did for my third or fourth birthday) but in the end, I decided on the little foam ones from Oriental Trading. I put them together with a little hot glue, so little hands would not knock them to pieces.

Painted Signs: I did some painting for the big boy room and was inspired to do a few little signs for the birthday party. Just fun little touches done with some extra paint and some little canvas.

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